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Human Physiology
Human Physiology

About Us

"Who we are & What we do"

Association of Physiologists of Haryana has come into existence in the year 2016 with Dr. Indu Khurana being its Founder President and Dr.Jyoti Sethi as General Secretary. The Objectives of this Association are cultivation and promotion of the study and practice of Physiological science, research and manpower development with a view to render service to the community and to promote social contacts among physiologists by:-

    To cultivate and promote the study and research of physiology.

    To promote professional fellowship and social contacts amongst the member of the society.

    To promote continuing education by organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and refresher course etc.

    To promote mutual exchange of knowledge among the members and professional colleagues all over the world.

    To promote the development of machinery implements, appliances etc. with a view to encourage and improve the manufacture of such products in India.

    To coordinate with activities of various associations / societies of medical disciplines.

    Rising finance to subscriptions, contributions, donations from members and non-members.

    Acquiring movable and immovable property and assets and its maintenance, disposal, alterations, mortgaging etc. that may be necessary for the above said objectives.

    To frame bylaws, rules and regulations and to amend and alter or delete the same as and when necessary.

    TO Undertake any steps, procedures, acts as may be deemed necessary to attain the aims and objectives of the associations.

    All the income of association will be utilized on its objectives only.

    Develop academic and scientific research fund.

    Maintaining liaison with Central Government, State Government and various appropriate bodies.

All the regular members and all the life members of APOH are entitled to participate in all the activities of the association including right to vote and are also entitled to receive publications of the association as provided in the bylaws. The regular members will constitute the General Body of the Association and it will govern the affairs of the association through its elected office bearers and committees. It will hold a General Body meeting during the conference ordinarily to be held once in two years.

The following statuary committees nominated by the APOH

    Executive Committee

    Scientific Committee

    Editorial Committee - Journal and proceeding - to be decided in the GBM

APOH will organize symposiums / workshops / conferences etc. at least once in two years. After the term of two years, Vice-President will be nominated as the next President with the responsibility to hold the next conference.

Last year the conference was being organized by the Department of Physiology in collaboration with Physiology club, PGIMS, Rohtak on 24 April 2016.